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hoλos® - experience advertising in a new dimension.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is seen by 71% of people, but just 13% of them are encouraged to buy the displayed product. Most adverts aren´t special, everybody has seen something in a way like that. So they aren´t paying any attention. What is more men and women are noticing different things when watching an advert they are attracted by differnt things. At the moment there is no personalised advertisment and everybody gets the same information.

Therefore hoλos® invented a new display system, which is based on augmented reality, parallaxe effect and artificial intelligence. We are using artificial intelligence to permanently analyse the environment. So it is possible to detect a person who is watching the screen and analyse his/her gender, age and current mood. With this information personalised advertising is possible and the proper advert can be shown perfectly. Even if there are more than just one person standing in front of the screen it is possible to show the right video. For making the display even more attractive we are using augmented reality and the viewer`s head position, which is continously tracked. So the shown product can be moved/ rotated or changed by moving the own body.

With the hoλos® system all products are displayed as threedimensional objects. So you can experience the product before buying it!

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